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86% of all clinical trials fail to recruit the target sample size in time. A delayed recruitment process carries risk of affecting the other phases of the trial, causing increased costs and unreliable results. Here’s how we work to make sure your team belongs to the 14% that succeeds.

1. Trialy handles the recruitment process, from finding target groups & advertising to sign-up.

2. With our digital screening tool, we select those best suited for your trial.

3. You get access to a full list of all qualified sign-ups via a secure log-in.

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How it works

Smart advertising

At Trialy, test participants are able to find the research studies that suit them. We are experienced in the recruitment of a wide variety of research subjects and patient groups.

By using search engines and social media platforms in our advertising, we are able to quickly reach your target group. In addition, the use of smart entry forms allows us to efficiently gather a large number of potential participants, whereupon we are able to select those most suited to your research studie.

For these reasons, Trialy is 8 times more efficient than journal advertising.

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