We've yet to manually translate our privacy policy and terms & conditions. The following text is translated through automated translation programs, and is a description of our services rather than a legal document.


Translation of Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Definition of personal data

The personal data ("the information") refers to all information regarding Applicants such as Trialy AB (the "Company") registers in digital form. Such information includes, but is not limited to, contact details such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Sensitive personal data such as information regarding health, sexuality, ethnic origin, genetic and biometric data may be obtained on the basis of the criteria for the respective medical research project ("Study") that the Company is seeking for the volunteer applicant. Registration of such information is only possible if the Applicant expressly authorizes special consent.

The company shall not, through this policy, collect more information than is necessary for each Study in order to be able to fulfill its agreement with the Company's customer. All information collected by the Company is subject to the consent of the Applicant.

An entered agreement may mean that the Company passes data to third parties, in which case only after the consent of the Applicant.

By filling in the requested information for each Studie or Trialy's interest database, and by ticking the prescribed code, the Applicant agrees that the Company registers the data submitted by the applicant for the purpose of the Study or interest database and during the time specified for each Study. The applicant also agrees that the information is disclosed to the Company's customer who handles the study. Trialy's processing of personal data is based on the consent of Article 9.2a of the Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council)

Each applicant will then receive a confirmation by e-mail indicating which Study Applicant is interested in and that the Applicant expressly consented to the Company registering such sensitive personal data relevant to the Study. The e-mail will indicate that Applicants have accepted the registration of personal data for a particular study but do not specify what information they are about.

Withdrawal of consent
In the event that the Applicant withdraws consent or for any other reason no longer wishes the Company to handle the Applicant's information, the Applicant is requested to notify the Company as soon as possible. The company will then delete as soon as possible, but within one month at the latest, the information about Applicants from the Company Registry. Applicants will receive confirmation by e-mail that the applicant's data has been deleted.

Store and edit
Registered data is stored according to the specified time of the respective Study, or for Interests Database until termination of the consent. Access to data is limited to those who need the information within the Company.

Applicants are entitled to request their duties at no cost once a year.

Applicants can contact the Company at any time and request that they edit incorrect information.

Applicants may also request the Company to delete information and withdraw consent for processing. Such requests must always be made in writing.

The applicant is entitled to require that the treatment be restricted if registered information is incorrect, the treatment is illegal, the company no longer needs the data for the purpose of the treatment or whether the Applicant is opposed to the treatment.

Applicant is entitled to obtain the personal data relating to Application in a widely used and structured and machine-readable format for transfer to other personal data controller.

The applicant is entitled at any time to oppose the use of personal data for marketing purposes.

Applicants are entitled not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated treatment in a manner that significantly affects Applicants.

When consent is terminated by either party, the Company shall ask whether the Applicant wishes to extract the data registered or if it is to be deleted immediately. If the Applicant wishes to receive the information, they shall be sent free of charge for subsequent deletion from all of the Company's storage locations.

Privacy Incident
Should the storage systems be subjected to a leak, intrusion or similar (so-called "personal data incident"), the Company will contact the Data Inspection within 72 hours and, if necessary, send information about the incident to the affected customers.

The notification to the Data Inspection Authority shall be made by the Company's Data Protection Officer and contain information about:

what kind of incident it is about,
what categories of persons that may be affected,
how many people it concerns,
what consequences the incident may have, as well
what measures have been taken to counteract any negative consequences.
If necessary, the data will be deleted or moved from the current storage point to prevent further spread.

If an Applicant considers the Company processed personal data in a manner contrary to the purpose of the collection or the Data Protection Ordinance, the Applicant shall immediately recall this to Trialy. In the event that a correction can not be obtained, the Applicant is entitled to complain to the Data Inspectorate as below.

Data inspection Board
Box 8114
104 20 Stockholm

Phone: 08-657 61 00
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 08-652 86 52

The company assures its willingness to comply with the Data Protection Regulation and will update this policy in accordance with the Regulation. Changes to the Privacy Policy will be announced by mailing through the customer's preferred channel, email or letter.

Data may be disclosed to third parties in cases where applicable legislation so requires.

On the company's website or in other channels, there may be links to other sites and actors. This policy does not apply to such website or actor.

Liability to third parties
Trialy AB and Trialy AB's suppliers are not responsible for non-profit or revenue towards our customers.

Responsibility towards users of our services
Trialy AB is an advertising and brokerage service. We therefore take no responsibility for any risks that may arise in connection with participation in the research studies we promote. Those responsible for the research study are required to inform your volunteer participation and the possible risks associated with the study before you begin your participation in the research study.

Contact details

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