• Behandling av depression med probiotika

    Lund Depressionsbehandling

    Har du en depression men inte svarat fullt ut på KBT eller läkemedelsbehandling, och vill testa en behandling med mjölksyrebakterier?

    Friska kontrollpersoner sökes!

    Baravägen 1, Lund Hjälp forskningen!

    På Psykiatriforskning Skåne i Lund bedrivs nu flera kliniska projekt som alla har som delmål att bättre kunna förstå biologin

    Har du problem med sömnen?

    Sophiahemmet, Stockholm 2000 kr/tillfälle

    Är du intresserad av att delta i en studie av ett nytt läkemedel för behandling av insomni/sömnlöshet? Du får dina

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    Why should I be a part of a research study?


    The most recent treatments

    Research studies sometimes include the testing of new medicinal drugs or other treatments, which are expected to be more effective in treating certain conditions than previous methods. By participating in these studies you will gain access to new treatments, accompanied by regular and thorough medical examinations – safe and secure!


    Expanded knowledge

    In addition to the contribution you are making in increasing knowledge within the world of research, you may also learn a thing or two about yourself and your own personal health.


    Make the world a better place

    Without research studies, we wouldn't have access to the wonderful medicines and treatment methods that we have today. By participating in research you are contributing to making new medicines and treatments available for the people who need them. If nothing else, that's surely good karma!


    Earn some extra cash

    At Trialy, you will find small scale research studies, as well as large clinical trials. Some minor studies provide compensation in the form of movie or lottery tickets. Clinical studies on a larger scale, might instead provide substantial financial compensation. Participating in research studies is a great way of making some extra money.